I’m a sub very much into rubber and breath control who has sessioned with a number of Mistresses over the past few years. I was interested in visiting Mistress Ronelle and was pleased when she agreed to see me.

Her premises are divided into a number of rooms although she only utilised one for this visit. She has a lot of equipment and clothing and from what I saw to cater for everyone who might visit.

I am often dressed in rubber fem attire in session but on this occasion was clad in a Regulation full rubber suit with an open hood. Mistress controlled me with some HOM to start and then covered my head in another hood with frontal zip flaps – they were only closed briefly as I recall during the session.

I was then zipped into a rubber body bag on her canopied bench, strapped down and my nipples were clamped. I was fitted with an under nose gas feeder through the tubes of which I received ethyl. This pain and pleasure lasted for a while until the clamps were removed.

A plastic bag was pulled over the hood and I received the first of a number of doses of gas. I was already very relaxed apart from becoming very aroused but this process only added to my general state of submission, I was under her total control and had become very erect.

When the bag was pulled over my rubber head for a third time and was inflated I somewhat lost control and it was not long before I climaxed. A few moments after the bag was removed and I came down from my high.

Mistress was very attentive and I enjoyed my time with her immensely. A cup of tea and a talk after was very welcome and I’m looking forward to another visit to this very skilled and delightful lady.