I paid my first visit to Miss Chambers earlier this week. I admitted to perverse thoughts when booking the session and I was expecting a demanding caning by way of punishment.

This was ostensibly a very straightforward scenario of crime and punishment but Ronelle magically turned it into a kaleidoscope of explicit dialogue, sexual excitement, intense pain and entry-level anal abuse which combined to have me flying as high as a kite on her bench, begging to be used and abused much more thoroughly on another occasion. It was a fantastic experience and a great piece of self promotion on her part because I am absolutely hooked!

I have done 40+ sessions with six mistresses previously and this was simply on another level.



My most recent visit to Mistress involved a full rubber session. I was dressed in her Regulation catsuit and placed in bondage on the sling. She covered my head in the rubber hood with flaps which zip down over the front. With the flaps zipped closed I was in darkness, totally under her control for the whole session.

Unable to see I could only feel the mask being strapped over the hood as I received the first dose of many as I was given medication from the Goldman. As I relaxed I was able to hear the sound of a plastic bag which was pulled over the hood. I was tested with this four or five times, given medication as well and my cock was subjected to sounding with electrics.

Mistress pushed me more and more to a heightened state – sometimes I had to submit to asking for the bag to be loosened as I needed air. Eventually though with a vibrator brought to stimulate my excited shaft and the bag kept firmly in place I could hold out no longer and climaxed. The bag was loosened but briefly and the plastic tightened again for some post orgasm torture until I was pleading for release. When Mistress decided to it was only when she thought it right to allow respite for her latex toy.

So thank you Mistress for another fantastic session.



My second visit to Mistress Ronelle. I was full of nervous anticipation on the day wondering what rubber Mistress had in mind to dress me in. I’d asked for female attire but was not prepared for the outfit she decided on! A red rubber corset with a pouch to cover my manhood, inflatable breasts and red latex gloves. She pulled over my head an open faced latex hood and covered my lower face with a red rubber mask.

I had to concentrate with this mask on and the restriction got me excited as all breathplay does. Placed in bondage on the St Andrew’s Cross I was subjected to some teasing and HOM over the mask which got me excited. Then a real test with the clear plastic bag, pulled over the hood and mask while Mistress placed her hand over the bag, pushing the plastic over the mask’s rubber, testing me until my wide eyes begged for release, unable to do more than moan and groan with the rubber inside my mouth.

Released from the cross with bag and mask removed, my hands and legs were strapped to a chair, a collar placed around my neck and a rope attached which was tied to the foot stand. A surgical mask was placed over my mouth and nose and I received medication, with a number of doses. I became very relaxed. The bag was then replaced over the hood and I experienced the first intox of the session. The bag was clamped tight around the hood and Mistress carried out more HOM on me. From time to time I was given a brief break from the bag before it was replaced with more intox and clamped tight again. I was in a floaty state and so wanted Mistress to undo the pouch and allow release of my cock but no it was too early and was not allowed. But I did get another hit and was made to breathe further the contents of the bag seeing just through the plastic my predicament in the wall mirrors. Mistress then decided I should serve her in another way.

Released from the bondage and bagging and with the rope untied I  knelt at her feet and worshipped her strap on, relishing how it was forced to the back of my throat as I served her. Then to the adjoining room where I was strapped to the bench.  Unable to move very much the plastic bag was pulled over the hood again, more intox administered and the bag was clamped tight and I was taken from behind and fucked. I felt her remove the pouch and a toy was used to bring me to climax whilst she pounded me, her rubber fem slave as I moaned and gasped the last vestige of mixture from within the bag. Her hand released the clamp and pulled the plastic bag away from the hood and I started to come down from my high.

Mistress is so skilled, aware of your well being, so able to push you to that subspace state and allowing you to experience great highs! Looking forward to next time Mistress!


Drone Boy

I have been sessioning for decades and have encountered scores of mistresses in my time, and have never as yet felt compelled to write a review.  In fact I was becoming a little disillusioned by the UK BDSM scene and was beginning to despair that I would never find the rubber mistress of my desires. I am not naturally submissive but I am a rubber fetishist and a bottom. I struggle to let go of control and need a dominatrix with the skill, determination and of course underlying empathy to take me beyond my resistance.

Luckily for me Mistress Ronelle was recommended to me by another well respected rubber mistress as maybe being the one I have been looking for, and how right she was! Mistress Ronelle is an absolutely delightful lady who is naturally full of fun but in session is the most serious rubber dominatrix I have ever encountered. Mistress Ronelle, who I now call my Rubber Gas Queen, has very well equipped chambers in Walsall with an abundance of rubber, bondage, electrics and aromas to take any rubber fetishist to complete ecstasy!

Mistress knows that I like to see her in her rubber finery and cruelly starts our sessions at the door insisting that I am blind folded before entering her chambers. She leaves me alone to dress in the rubber attire of her choosing which is typically a catsuit and hood or gas mask and the obligatory blind fold put back in place. Because of geographical restrictions I can only visit every couple of months or so which means that come play day I am wound up like a spring and need the release that only total control by Mistress and pushing through boundaries can deliver.

At my latest visit once I was dressed in rubber she returned and inserted an electrical anal plug. After she had checked it and was satisfied that it was working she led me blindfold and gagged in to one of her chambers securing me face first to the cross. Mistress flogged me a little, and knowing I cannot be marked teased me by opening the back zipper of my rubber catsuit by a few inches and lightly scratching my back saying how much she would love to mark me with scratches and a really good flogging. I would dearly like this too but alas circumstances do not allow. She also gave me some general rough handling and breath restriction which I adored.

Mistress also suggested that she may drag me down to her cellar to be used by her trannies knowing full well that this would be outside of my hard limits as I am strictly straight. I do however dream that one day she may do this to be used and tortured by her and other rubber dommes for her amusement.

From the cross I was then taken to and secured to the bondage frame bed by my ankles and wrists. I was definitely not going to escape. At this point I still had not seen my Rubber Gas Queen. In addition to the electrical plug already in place electrics were attached to my cock and balls. Mistress fitted an aroma delivery tube to my nostrils and placed a bag over my head.

The next few hours were spent on wave after wave of electrical torment and ecstasy as Mistress continually upped the levels of both electrics and aromas in turn in an ever escalating cycle. I was in rubber bondage sensory deprivation heaven tripping away enjoying a deep and complete connection with and dependence on my Rubber Gas Queen.

There were a couple of occasions when I was in some minor unintended distress, one of which being pins and needles in my hand due to an overly tight bondage fixation. Mistress with complete calm and confidence adjusted the bondage which allowed me the necessary relief. Mistress did this in such a way so as to not make any attempt at escape possible (not that I wanted to – by this point I was all hers) which again gently reinforced her total control over me.

After a long period of cyclic torment via electrics aromas and breath control Mistress finally removed my blind fold and allowed me to see her and OMG WOW!!! Dressed head to toe in rubber and wearing an incredible rubber hood my Rubber Gas Queen was the vision of all fantasies! At that point she could have done anything to me. Rubber Gas Queen donned a strap on larger than anything I have ever experienced before and face fucked me! I only wished that she could actually feel the pleasure I wanted to give her.

Mistress released me from the bondage bed and repositioned me face up on a fucking bench. A poppers delivery mask was placed on my face and a black rubber bag loosely placed over my head. Mistress then gave me the best fucking of my life. I was tripping on poppers and I experienced my first ever anal orgasm. By the end of the session I was completely exhausted and mentally shattered.

Mistress Ronelle is an incredibly  good listener who very quickly understands your needs and fetishes and what makes you tick. Her abundance of enthusiasm and empathy makes her by far the best domme I have ever met. Whilst in session she is constantly checking for your well being (usually in a way that you are not even aware of) she maintains total control and does not stop until you are completely broken to her satisfaction.

I feel so safe and secure with Mistress Ronelle that I know she is the perfect Rubber Gas Queen for me. I can’t wait for our next session!

I am all yours Mistress!! ❤️

Drone Boy 🤖 (As named by Mistress Ronelle)


Slave Michael

I have been in the scene for more than 30 years and have visited other latex gas Mistresses. My friend booked me this 3 hour session without telling me who I was going to see. Even with my years experience I was still nervous He had informed the Mistress all of my likes.

My friend took me to the house, led me in and sat me down and left, after informing me that  Mistress Ronelle will see me soon. Just looking around the room, I was in heaven – latex hoods, gas masks, all you could wish for.

Suddenly this amazing latex clad lady came in wearing a fantastic hood. She took hold of my head and made me look into her eyes. Before I knew it there was a bag over my head and a popper mask over my nose. I realised from the start this session would push my limits.

Then I listened to Mistress talking, getting completely into my head and more poppers. The bag was then removed, I was told to strip and then made to follow Mistress Ronelle into another room.

Another fantastic room, bigger this time with more apparatus. I was told to get on the bench, leg and arm restraints fitted, then strapped down and blindfolded. Mistress then covered me with a latex sheet. I felt hers hands all over me through the latex, caressing my body. This was surely a teasing prelude to what was coming next.

A plastic bag was placed over my head and with a rush of intox and poppers, suddenly I was in another world. My nipples were clamped and I could feel wires around my cock. Mistress’ fingers began probing my arse. More intox, so much happening all at once.

Then I heard Mistress’ voice saying, “You have to take my anal toys, up to the biggest.” More poppers ensured that I was truly f****d. Mistress took me to the limit with the intox and poppers until I was far away. When she had finished and my senses returned, I felt completely used.

Mistress removed me from the bench and ordered me to follow her. We went downstairs into a cellar. Such an atmosphere! A gas mask was placed over my head and I was pushed further into the dark cellar. Mistress said, “Stay there with your dirty fantasies about dirty rubber men coming in and using you.” The cellar door closed.

Mistress returned, took me out of the cellar and spoke sternly, telling me that I would do anything for her. We went back upstairs and I was put into her toilet where Mistresses gave me her golden nectar. Mistress then used a toy on my cock and ordered me to play with my nipples till i came.

This was one of the most amazing sessions that I have had I will surely return. If this is your kink. then you should book a session. From my experience and now that a lot of intox Mistresses have retired, Mistress Ronelle must be NUMBER ONE IN THE UK.



My first visit with Mistress Ronelle, I booked a session about six weeks in advance and the communications were excellent. Arrived for the session as scheduled but due to unforeseen events it started late, but there was no need to worry the session overran by more than it was delayed (thank you).

I had elected for a breath-play/anaesthesia role-play scenario with CBT and Anal. I was forced to strip whereby Mistress made be bend over and inserted a butt plug and strapped it in place, then dressed me in hospital robes, and onto the Doctor’s chair for my procedures to start. I was strapped in securely so no escape was possible.

That nervous anticipation was now at its height as Mistress placed the surgical masked over my face and said ‘Now breath deeply for me’. What happened over the next few hours was delightful, with an abundance of medication applied while my cock was sounded, balls electrocuted and weights hung from them.

The session was finished off with a sample being forcefully extracted from me, leaving me a shattered wreck. All in all an excellent few hours and I will defiantly return with some more ideas of how I can be punished by Mistress.



I’m a sub very much into rubber and breath control who has sessioned with a number of Mistresses over the past few years. I was interested in visiting Mistress Ronelle and was pleased when she agreed to see me.

Her premises are divided into a number of rooms although she only utilised one for this visit. She has a lot of equipment and clothing and from what I saw to cater for everyone who might visit.

I am often dressed in rubber fem attire in session but on this occasion was clad in a Regulation full rubber suit with an open hood. Mistress controlled me with some HOM to start and then covered my head in another hood with frontal zip flaps – they were only closed briefly as I recall during the session.

I was then zipped into a rubber body bag on her canopied bench, strapped down and my nipples were clamped. I was fitted with an under nose gas feeder through the tubes of which I received ethyl. This pain and pleasure lasted for a while until the clamps were removed.

A plastic bag was pulled over the hood and I received the first of a number of doses of gas. I was already very relaxed apart from becoming very aroused but this process only added to my general state of submission, I was under her total control and had become very erect.

When the bag was pulled over my rubber head for a third time and was inflated I somewhat lost control and it was not long before I climaxed. A few moments after the bag was removed and I came down from my high.

Mistress was very attentive and I enjoyed my time with her immensely. A cup of tea and a talk after was very welcome and I’m looking forward to another visit to this very skilled and delightful lady.


Slave N

I have visited a lot of Mistresses in my time, over the Midlands and sometimes in the South. I have also played while in other countries, but I shan’t be seeing anyone else in the future now that I have found Mistress Ronelle.

She caters for everything that the experienced kinkster would wish for, and some new twists on the usual. She used a mask with latex wear and pumped in poppers/gas, while using my nipples to the extreme. It was fabulous. Then she added in a lot of extreme anal, with appropriate vibration, plus confinement and physical domination.

She was totally focussed on my needs and was able to understand those and look after them completely. One of the nicest things was that she focussed on me completely, 100%, not once did she take her attention away from her submissive.

Thank you Mistress, and I look forward to returning.

Your submissive, Slave N.



Communicating with Mistress Ronelle easy and set me a ease. Thank you for the understanding mistress in the delay on my communications after misplacing my phone.

Mistress Ronelles location was easy to find with plenty of free parking. On entering the dungeon I was amazed at the volume of equipment, toys and outfits on display. Mistress Ronelle looked stunning in her pvc trousers and boots, nearly dropped to my knees there and then. Mistress was very warming helping to settle my nervous straight away.

After a short discussion on interests and limits mistress left the room for me to ready myself before summering me to the main room. From here mistress placed me into a latex catsuit followed by a latex bag secured me to her bondage table. A white latex breathing hood was placed over my head and I was introduced to breathing play which mistress seemed to enjoy the more I struggled.

Over the next 90 minutes the session passed so quickly it felt like only 10 minutes had gone. With activities: breathe play, nipple tease, blackout, edging, prolonged bondage and various other activists the session exceeded all expeditions. Mistress looked to be enjoyment my torment and the fact I could not even move an inch to escapee.

End of the session I did not feel rush and I provide a cold water to rehydrate. The whole session I felt Mistress pushed my limits and at all times felt safe under her control.

Outstanding session and will be back


Sub G (aka Slut Jenny)

I haven’t visited a Mistress in over two decades due to becoming disillusioned by previous bad experiences, so visiting Mistress Ronelle was to be my first such experience in a long time. I had come across one of her Twitter posts, which I commented on and the way that Mistress Ronelle replied to me just lit the fuse.

I looked into Mistress Ronelle’s dominatrix lifestyle and was blown away by it and how easily I could relate to it and her. Even though I was a little apprehensive, I made contact to arrange an appointment as over the years my fantasies had built-up and I felt a need for them to be fulfilled. During the booking process Mistress Ronelle answered my questions directly, with no fuss.

On the day of the appointment I was extremely nervous, it felt like my stomach was in my mouth. On arrival, I rang the door bell, the door opened and Mistress Ronelle standing discretely behind the door made me go “Wow” with both her eye contact and the very impressive outfit that she was wearing. The first thing that I noticed when I stepped inside her premises was that it both looked and smelt wonderfully clean.

We sat down and I felt at ease almost straight away. As we chatted I started to feel under Mistress Ronelle’s control. Mistress Ronelle helped me put my outfit on, by which time I had fallen totally under her control and the session proper began. I had never experienced multiple orgasms before but I did in this session.

After leaving I felt that I had known Mistress Ronelle a lot longer than the time that I had been with her and I hope that this will be the first of many visits to Mistress Ronelle.

Thank you Mistress Ronelle for giving me back my faith in the world of female domination.

Sub G