My second visit to Mistress Ronelle. I was full of nervous anticipation on the day wondering what rubber Mistress had in mind to dress me in. I’d asked for female attire but was not prepared for the outfit she decided on! A red rubber corset with a pouch to cover my manhood, inflatable breasts and red latex gloves. She pulled over my head an open faced latex hood and covered my lower face with a red rubber mask.

I had to concentrate with this mask on and the restriction got me excited as all breathplay does. Placed in bondage on the St Andrew’s Cross I was subjected to some teasing and HOM over the mask which got me excited. Then a real test with the clear plastic bag, pulled over the hood and mask while Mistress placed her hand over the bag, pushing the plastic over the mask’s rubber, testing me until my wide eyes begged for release, unable to do more than moan and groan with the rubber inside my mouth.

Released from the cross with bag and mask removed, my hands and legs were strapped to a chair, a collar placed around my neck and a rope attached which was tied to the foot stand. A surgical mask was placed over my mouth and nose and I received medication, with a number of doses. I became very relaxed. The bag was then replaced over the hood and I experienced the first intox of the session. The bag was clamped tight around the hood and Mistress carried out more HOM on me. From time to time I was given a brief break from the bag before it was replaced with more intox and clamped tight again. I was in a floaty state and so wanted Mistress to undo the pouch and allow release of my cock but no it was too early and was not allowed. But I did get another hit and was made to breathe further the contents of the bag seeing just through the plastic my predicament in the wall mirrors. Mistress then decided I should serve her in another way.

Released from the bondage and bagging and with the rope untied I  knelt at her feet and worshipped her strap on, relishing how it was forced to the back of my throat as I served her. Then to the adjoining room where I was strapped to the bench.  Unable to move very much the plastic bag was pulled over the hood again, more intox administered and the bag was clamped tight and I was taken from behind and fucked. I felt her remove the pouch and a toy was used to bring me to climax whilst she pounded me, her rubber fem slave as I moaned and gasped the last vestige of mixture from within the bag. Her hand released the clamp and pulled the plastic bag away from the hood and I started to come down from my high.

Mistress is so skilled, aware of your well being, so able to push you to that subspace state and allowing you to experience great highs! Looking forward to next time Mistress!

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