My most recent visit to Mistress involved a full rubber session. I was dressed in her Regulation catsuit and placed in bondage on the sling. She covered my head in the rubber hood with flaps which zip down over the front. With the flaps zipped closed I was in darkness, totally under her control for the whole session.

Unable to see I could only feel the mask being strapped over the hood as I received the first dose of many as I was given medication from the Goldman. As I relaxed I was able to hear the sound of a plastic bag which was pulled over the hood. I was tested with this four or five times, given medication as well and my cock was subjected to sounding with electrics.

Mistress pushed me more and more to a heightened state – sometimes I had to submit to asking for the bag to be loosened as I needed air. Eventually though with a vibrator brought to stimulate my excited shaft and the bag kept firmly in place I could hold out no longer and climaxed. The bag was loosened but briefly and the plastic tightened again for some post orgasm torture until I was pleading for release. When Mistress decided to it was only when she thought it right to allow respite for her latex toy.

So thank you Mistress for another fantastic session.

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