Drone Boy

Drone Boy

I have been sessioning for decades and have encountered scores of mistresses in my time, and have never as yet felt compelled to write a review.  In fact I was becoming a little disillusioned by the UK BDSM scene and was beginning to despair that I would never find the rubber mistress of my desires. I am not naturally submissive but I am a rubber fetishist and a bottom. I struggle to let go of control and need a dominatrix with the skill, determination and of course underlying empathy to take me beyond my resistance.

Luckily for me Mistress Ronelle was recommended to me by another well respected rubber mistress as maybe being the one I have been looking for, and how right she was! Mistress Ronelle is an absolutely delightful lady who is naturally full of fun but in session is the most serious rubber dominatrix I have ever encountered. Mistress Ronelle, who I now call my Rubber Gas Queen, has very well equipped chambers in Walsall with an abundance of rubber, bondage, electrics and aromas to take any rubber fetishist to complete ecstasy!

Mistress knows that I like to see her in her rubber finery and cruelly starts our sessions at the door insisting that I am blind folded before entering her chambers. She leaves me alone to dress in the rubber attire of her choosing which is typically a catsuit and hood or gas mask and the obligatory blind fold put back in place. Because of geographical restrictions I can only visit every couple of months or so which means that come play day I am wound up like a spring and need the release that only total control by Mistress and pushing through boundaries can deliver.

At my latest visit once I was dressed in rubber she returned and inserted an electrical anal plug. After she had checked it and was satisfied that it was working she led me blindfold and gagged in to one of her chambers securing me face first to the cross. Mistress flogged me a little, and knowing I cannot be marked teased me by opening the back zipper of my rubber catsuit by a few inches and lightly scratching my back saying how much she would love to mark me with scratches and a really good flogging. I would dearly like this too but alas circumstances do not allow. She also gave me some general rough handling and breath restriction which I adored.

Mistress also suggested that she may drag me down to her cellar to be used by her trannies knowing full well that this would be outside of my hard limits as I am strictly straight. I do however dream that one day she may do this to be used and tortured by her and other rubber dommes for her amusement.

From the cross I was then taken to and secured to the bondage frame bed by my ankles and wrists. I was definitely not going to escape. At this point I still had not seen my Rubber Gas Queen. In addition to the electrical plug already in place electrics were attached to my cock and balls. Mistress fitted an aroma delivery tube to my nostrils and placed a bag over my head.

The next few hours were spent on wave after wave of electrical torment and ecstasy as Mistress continually upped the levels of both electrics and aromas in turn in an ever escalating cycle. I was in rubber bondage sensory deprivation heaven tripping away enjoying a deep and complete connection with and dependence on my Rubber Gas Queen.

There were a couple of occasions when I was in some minor unintended distress, one of which being pins and needles in my hand due to an overly tight bondage fixation. Mistress with complete calm and confidence adjusted the bondage which allowed me the necessary relief. Mistress did this in such a way so as to not make any attempt at escape possible (not that I wanted to – by this point I was all hers) which again gently reinforced her total control over me.

After a long period of cyclic torment via electrics aromas and breath control Mistress finally removed my blind fold and allowed me to see her and OMG WOW!!! Dressed head to toe in rubber and wearing an incredible rubber hood my Rubber Gas Queen was the vision of all fantasies! At that point she could have done anything to me. Rubber Gas Queen donned a strap on larger than anything I have ever experienced before and face fucked me! I only wished that she could actually feel the pleasure I wanted to give her.

Mistress released me from the bondage bed and repositioned me face up on a fucking bench. A poppers delivery mask was placed on my face and a black rubber bag loosely placed over my head. Mistress then gave me the best fucking of my life. I was tripping on poppers and I experienced my first ever anal orgasm. By the end of the session I was completely exhausted and mentally shattered.

Mistress Ronelle is an incredibly  good listener who very quickly understands your needs and fetishes and what makes you tick. Her abundance of enthusiasm and empathy makes her by far the best domme I have ever met. Whilst in session she is constantly checking for your well being (usually in a way that you are not even aware of) she maintains total control and does not stop until you are completely broken to her satisfaction.

I feel so safe and secure with Mistress Ronelle that I know she is the perfect Rubber Gas Queen for me. I can’t wait for our next session!

I am all yours Mistress!! ❤️

Drone Boy 🤖 (As named by Mistress Ronelle)

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