Slave Michael

Slave Michael

I have been in the scene for more than 30 years and have visited other latex gas Mistresses. My friend booked me this 3 hour session without telling me who I was going to see. Even with my years experience I was still nervous He had informed the Mistress all of my likes.

My friend took me to the house, led me in and sat me down and left, after informing me that  Mistress Ronelle will see me soon. Just looking around the room, I was in heaven – latex hoods, gas masks, all you could wish for.

Suddenly this amazing latex clad lady came in wearing a fantastic hood. She took hold of my head and made me look into her eyes. Before I knew it there was a bag over my head and a popper mask over my nose. I realised from the start this session would push my limits.

Then I listened to Mistress talking, getting completely into my head and more poppers. The bag was then removed, I was told to strip and then made to follow Mistress Ronelle into another room.

Another fantastic room, bigger this time with more apparatus. I was told to get on the bench, leg and arm restraints fitted, then strapped down and blindfolded. Mistress then covered me with a latex sheet. I felt hers hands all over me through the latex, caressing my body. This was surely a teasing prelude to what was coming next.

A plastic bag was placed over my head and with a rush of intox and poppers, suddenly I was in another world. My nipples were clamped and I could feel wires around my cock. Mistress’ fingers began probing my arse. More intox, so much happening all at once.

Then I heard Mistress’ voice saying, “You have to take my anal toys, up to the biggest.” More poppers ensured that I was truly f****d. Mistress took me to the limit with the intox and poppers until I was far away. When she had finished and my senses returned, I felt completely used.

Mistress removed me from the bench and ordered me to follow her. We went downstairs into a cellar. Such an atmosphere! A gas mask was placed over my head and I was pushed further into the dark cellar. Mistress said, “Stay there with your dirty fantasies about dirty rubber men coming in and using you.” The cellar door closed.

Mistress returned, took me out of the cellar and spoke sternly, telling me that I would do anything for her. We went back upstairs and I was put into her toilet where Mistresses gave me her golden nectar. Mistress then used a toy on my cock and ordered me to play with my nipples till i came.

This was one of the most amazing sessions that I have had I will surely return. If this is your kink. then you should book a session. From my experience and now that a lot of intox Mistresses have retired, Mistress Ronelle must be NUMBER ONE IN THE UK.

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